Panda Castle

A private residence and geeky haven

Teas are all held at a private residence in Richfield, MN near 75th and Pillsbury Ave S. We lovingly refer to it as Panda Castle, a pun on the owners' last names. If you need the address, please email and we'll pass it along!

Some things that we love and that we think makes our space great:

  • Five seating areas with a table throughout our home (all the small groups!).
  • Two seating areas with TVs with video playing/streaming devices attached.
  • An entire tea and beverage etagere.
  • We like to think our decor is varied and interesting.
  • Animals live here; two cats and a dog.
  • Due to our house being reasonably large, it is easy to provide a quiet/dark space  pretty much no matter how many people are here.
  • A fancy new high efficiency furnace and A/C that keep the space comfortable year round!

The nitty gritty regarding things that may keep you away (though we'd love to try and accommodate you, so please let us know if there's anything that we can do!):

  • Animals live here; two cats and a dog.
  • There is no way to enter the house without taking at least a stair or two.
  • Our bathroom is pretty narrow, galley-style. Taking a walker in there would be difficult, never mind trying to transfer off a wheelchair.
  • Our floors are a mixture of carpet, laminate, and hardwood.

If you have a disability or any special need, please let us know what we can do to make Panda Castle more comfortable and inviting for you.